In our world, there’s no room for the average or the mundane.  We help businesses connect with their VIP clients by creating products that are relevant and compelling. And because we have worked with some of the world’s most demanding businesses you can be sure the integrity of your brand is safe with us.

The narrative of the story is all important to us. We can’t propose gifting solutions without first understanding your business and your values. Next we need to know the background of your marketing activation; the ‘soft’ aspirational objectives of the project and the message you are wishing to send your client. Only when we have a clear profile of your target audience and the context of the gift can we discuss the ‘hard’ objectives; budget, quantities and timeframes.

So we start with the premise that what you are looking for probably doesn’t exist.  If it did you will have found it already, so our task is to map the journey to a unique set of solutions…

Global warming and climate change is happening, and we must all do what we can to take care of the environment. Touch of Ginger is conscious of the need for all businesses to operate sustainably. As part of our green commitment, we purchased 4 acres of woodland in May 2020 to offset our business activities. Our private woodland is also a refuge for staff and friends, allowing us to relax and reflect on the passing seasons away from the pressures of daily life.

Our Green Commitment

Wallace Wood, Hertfordshire is secluded and private Ancient Semi Natural Woodland with attractive ponds dating from 1600. It features a beautiful stand of Hornbeam with a high open canopy allowing sunlight to filter through.

Last year we made a start, creating a small clearing and bringing in a restored shepherds hut featuring traditional timber plank construction with a ‘molly croft’ roof. The hut is an attractive addition to the wood and is a secure tool store for general woodland management.

Woodland Management

We are preparing a strategy for woodland management, clearing scrub, and planting new trees each year to offset our carbon footprint. The Woodland Carbon Code (WCC) is an initiative run through the Forestry Commission that quantifies and validates the amount of carbon captured by new woodland planting. This process enables the subsequent trading of the carbon asset for offset of carbon emissions by industry. We intend to publish progress on our website in due course and our objective is to become a carbon neutral business as soon as possible.

Leamington Spa Amateur Swimming Club

Touch of Ginger proudly announces its kit sponsorship of Leamington Spa Amateur Swimming Club for British Summer Swimming Championships and English National Swimming Championships 2023. We recognise the immense value and potential of supporting talented athletes, Charlie is a talented member of the club a nephew to ToG Director, Adam.

This sponsorship demonstrates our dedication to supporting the growth and development of young athletes, enabling them to pursue their passion and achieve remarkable milestones in the realm of competitive swimming.

With this support, the Leamington Spa Amateur Swimming Club is poised to make a significant splash in the pool, representing their community with pride and determination.